banda is here
from our kind, for our kind

  • smooth strawberry taste
  • vitamins and collagen
  • relaxing and soothing
  • no added sugar
  • intense pineapple taste
  • vitamins and guarana
  • uplifts body & mind
  • no added sugar
  • fresh mint & lime combo
  • vitamins and ashwagandha
  • helps restart and regenerate
  • no added sugar

we created a dream drink

  • immaculate spring water from the Rhodopes

  • that’s from the region with the cleanest air in all the Balkans

  • and which region btw is near Bratsigovo

  • top quality vitamin mix for every flavor

  • natural aromas

  • stevia sweetened

  • and that means no sugar, aspartame, sucralose, acesulfame and other made-up stuff

  • really quenches thirst

  • hydrates, refreshes, charges you up and looks sexy af in your hand

get a pack

mix pack

  • a bottle of each flavor x4:
  • lit pineapple with guarana
  • chill lime & mint with ashwagandha
  • refresh strawberry with collagen

lit pack

  • banda H2O х 12
  • zesty pineapple flavor
  • uplifting guarana added

chill pack

  • banda H2O x 12
  • fresh lime & mint flavor
  • and ashwagandha to take the edge off

refresh pack

  • banda H2O x 12
  • wholesome strawberry taste
  • natural collagen for a longer health bar


banda snapback

  • the classic yupoong snap
  • looks great on almost all types of head
  • limited edition

banda tee

  • 100% organic cotton
  • people are gonna ask u about it
  • limited edition

banda tote

  • has room for lots of stuff
  • extra sturdy
  • several colorways